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??✍ In Pakistan, Documents to be checked before purchasing property. PT-I is not proof of ownership. مشتری ہوشیار باش

Hope you are fine. This video is for general public to get help as to which documents should be consult before purchasing any property. Just make sure that before purchasing any property you have checked its trail of ownership and its record exists at its relevant place, so that your life earnings may not end in waste…. Just make sure that you’ve checked 1. Concerned patwaar record of the property. 2. Registration of sale deed. 3. Registration of power of attorney (If property is being sold through power of attorney). 4. Other relevant documents…… Another important thing I want to share is that “Mentioning of name at PT-I is not a proof of ownership, its just a record of possession”… So be aware before purchasing any property.

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