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🤬💂‍♂️👨‍🎨 How to take legal action toward Illegal Dispossession/Land Grabbers in Pakistan. Qabza Mafia قبضہ مافیا

In this video I’ve tried to explain the remedy available against illegal dispossession of any person who was in lawful possession of the property. I’ve discussed following questions in this video….

  1. What is the remedy available to illegally dispossessed persons?
  2. What is the procedure to take action against illegal dispossession?
  3. If tenant or mortgagee is in lawful possession of the property, and he was dispossessed illegally, then whether he can take action against the landlord or not?
  4. Where appeal lies against such order?
  5. Whether Co-sharer or joint owner can file a complaint against each other under illegal dispossession act, 2005.

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