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10 amazing health benefits of garlic (lehsun)

Garlic is a wonderful herb closely link with chives, onions, shallots and leeks. In some Asian countries, it also known as lehsun. It grows underground in bulb shape, covered with papery skin. Underneath skin its yellow parts called cloves, are very useful for medicinal benefits and cooking. It has a unique and amazing aroma. It has contained approximately 2000 biological composites, but reason of its smell is because of compound alliin (sulfoxide) in it. Upto 1.15% of fresh garlic contains sulfur, but dried cloves may contain more amount of sulfur compound alliin (sulfoxide). [Tweet “Fresh garlic contains several enzymes, including at least 33-suflur compounds, 17 amino acids and many minerals e.g. selenium etc.”]Let’s see 10 amazing health benefits of garlic use.


Except soles of feet and palms of hands, hair grows everywhere on the body. People around the world are spending time and money to survive hair on their head. A shiny, lustrous and healthy point of hair is a fashion point and sign of beauty and personal expression. Hair loss is frequent in men, women and even sometimes in children. In a medical condition calls alopecia areata hair falls in round square. Although this condition may occur anywhere on the body but it occurs on the head.

Reason of this condition is attacking of immune system towards hair follicles that causes hair loss. Despite of this condition, such follicles remain alive and can reactivate afterward. Every person has its unique experience therefore loss and re-growth of hair is unpredictable. Alopecia is not curable, however milder form of this disease can be handled by motivating hair follicles. Persons with severe conditions may opt medications but it doesn’t work for every person.

Combination of garlic and alopecia medications can decrease hair loss without any medical reaction. Betamethasone is one of the medicines used to recover alopecia, and its efficiency can be improved by using alongwith garlic. A study was conducting on persons suffering with alopecia including men and women. It was observed that who used both (betamethasone and garlic) 95% out of them observed enhanced results. Even number of grown hairs increased and size of bald squares was condensed.

  1. ASTHMA.

It’s a condition when breathing tubes leading to lungs are inflamed. It mostly occurs when body exposed to body-affecting chemicals (from environment, smoke and pollution etc.) breathing tubes swell and create extra mucus. Due to this condition passageway narrows and breathing becomes difficult. Its symptoms are coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest pain. Due to alarming rise of asthma in adults and children, it’s necessary to manage this condition instead of overusing controller medications.

Garlic is rising as prospective cure for asthma regulation. A study was conducted in 2013 regarding garlic’s sulfur compounds namely “Diallyl Disulfide” and its effects in allergic asthma. It was observed that garlic decreases overproduction of mucus, inflammation and levels of immunoglobulin (IgE) antibody in lungs. These antibodies are formed whenever an allergen is recognizes by body and activate it. Another study conducted in 2008, shows that “aged garlic extract injected into mice peritoneum” considerably decreases airway inflammation. Such studies suggest that garlic can reduce production of mucus and airway constraint in asthma patients.

  1. Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alzheimer’s is a kind of dementia which is an irreversible and progressive brain disorder. It can start with memory loss and ended-up with getting lost, repeating questions with some behavioral and personality changes. In time, confusion grows and patients have trouble in recognizing family and friends and difficulty in coping with new situations. Resultantly, at the final stage, brain tissues considerably shrink and patient feels much difficulty to communicate.

Although treatment is available for Alzheimer’s disease, however, such medication only improves the symptoms and don’t cure the disease. That’s why there is need to explore more effective ways to cure this disease. Garlic is an important agent with numerous compounds, proven to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, importantly without any side effects. In a lab research conducted in 2017, it has been shown to recover short-term memory in lab rats with Aβ (amyloid-β) peptides in their brain. Aβ peptides are amino acids which cause death of nerve cell, degeneration of brain function and cognitive destruction. Various dosage of aged garlic extract were given to male rats for 65-days, and then injected with Aβ peptide. [Tweet “Within 7-days garlic improved not only short-term memory but also reduced neuroinflammation (which is another symptom of developing Alzheimer’s disease).”]It can also thwart decline of memory.

10 amazing health benefits of garlic use
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  1. Atherosclerosis (plaque in arteries).

Atherosclerosis resulted due to creation of plaque in the arteries. This plaque consists of fat, cholesterol, calcium, fibrin and cellular waste, which causes blood clotting. This plaque hardens the artery walls and narrows it, which reduces the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the body. These may be arteries to brain, heart, kidneys, arms, legs and pelvis. If, unfortunately, a piece of plaque breaks and moved to another part of body, it becomes dangerous. It may get jammed in smaller artery and cut the flow of blood to that part of body. Such blockade to hear may cause heart attack and if this is the case with brain, it may cause stroke. Its causes include inactive lifestyle, poor diet and smoking etc. Therefore, changes in lifestyle are necessary in order to reduce the expected damage and management of disease.

One of the reasons of its development is oxidation of LDL (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol). S-allylcysteine, one of the major parts of aged garlic extract, prevents arterial-damage and protects against cell-membrane damage and cell death. In 1999, an experiment conducted on 152 probationers with plaque in femoral arteries. [Tweet “It was observed that high-dose of garlic powder intake can decrease volume of plaque upto 18%.”]Continuous garlic use can facilitate atherosclerosis by lessening formation of plaque, cell damage and hardening of arteries.

  1. Fungal infection (Athlete’s Foot).

This fungus is highly infectious and occurred due to walking on infected places, sharing of shoes, or touching the infected-skin. Once infected, it grows on and flourishes in humid, warm places. To prevent it from growing, feet are important to keep dry. There are three kinds of such infection.

  1. Toe-web kind which occurs between toes, and causes itch and scaly skin.
  2. Moccasin kind with sore foot with thickened heel skin.
  3. Vesicular kind which grows as swelling under the skin.

To see the impact of garlic extract on such fungus infection, a study was conducted in 1999. For this purpose, an organosulfur compound (Ajoene) was extracted from garlic. This compound was used in combination with cream to see how it works in treatment of patients of athlete’s foot. [Tweet “It was observed that within 7-days, 79% patients were completely fungus-free, however, others were cured with treatment of further 7-days.”]Interestingly, such infection was not repeated for at least three months.

  1. Beaver Fever.

A microscopic parasite i.e. Giardia, is found in food, soil or water (infected with infected humans or animals). This parasite is often in poor sanitation areas, and a cause of waterborne illness (beaver fever) in USA. It prowls in streams and lakes but can be found in swimming pools, municipal water and hot tubs etc. Once consumed, it lives in intestines and causes intestinal related illness resulting in nausea, bloating and diarrhea. Although it’s uncommon for such intestinal problems to continue prolong, however such infection can stay alive for several weeks. In case of acute symptoms, one can use antibiotics to eliminate the parasite. Common side effects of such antibiotics are metallic taste in mouth and nausea.

Whole extract or some secluded compounds of garlic (like allyl mercaptan and allyl alcohol) have been observed as anti-Giardial. As per its intended function, these components acts differently either by changing its surface or internal structure of parasite. [Tweet “Allicin also plays an important role as anti-parasitic against Giardia. Eating garlic cloves helps in such infections and recovers body from sickness.”]

10 amazing health benefits of garlic use
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  1. Benign Breast Conditions.

Abnormalities in breast tissues and palpable lesions observed in MRI and mammography of breasts are called benign breast conditions. It includes different type of breast conditions like cysts, hyperplasia (overgrowth of cells inside milk-ducts), fibro-adenomas (tumor) and sclerosing-adenosis (small-lumps). These conditions may even cause breast pain and enhances risks of breast-cancer and even in some cases need surgery.

In 2004, a study was conducted regarding antioxidant dietary supplement in patients with benign breast disease. Twice-a-day, dietary complement of 150-mg garlic powder in combination with vitamins was administered to patients with benign breast disease. It was observed that after 6-months palpable symptoms of breast tumor (fibromatosis) and breast pain were significantly reduced. For women, daily considerable amount of garlic intake, is a safe way to find relief instead of pain medication.

  1. Bladder Cancer.

Our kidney purifies the blood from urine and sends it to store in the bladder. Bladder’s cells lining with walls can transform and can hysterically grow resulting a tumor. And if not controlled, this cancer can reach into other parts of body. Mostly it is caught at early stages in shape of painful urination, blood in the urine alongwith back pain or pelvic pain. In order to remove tumor surgery is often advised. Depending upon the condition of disease, removal of entire bladder or its small portion is necessary. Before or after such surgery, radiation and chemo-therapy is administer to kill the cancer.

Garlic is a fantastic herb with range of benefits in treatment and prevention of bladder cancer. It motivates the immune-system to create detoxifying compounds and guards against reduced immunity occurred due to radiation and chemotherapy. In lab test, it was observed that one of its ingredients namely “Diallyl Trisulfide” is helpful to restrain the movement and attack of bladder cancer cells. Such restrain on increase of cancer would give a higher chance of recovery to the patient. Another study was published in 2017 regarding whole garlic extracts and its effect on bladder cancer. It was showed that whole extract fed to mice comparatively resulted into significant lower bladder tumor weights than those who were not fed garlic. Its strong anti-cancer property recommends garlic consumption and supplements as complimentary therapy alongside traditional treatment of bladder cancer. It can also be taken as preventive treatment to lessen the risk of developing cancer.

  1. Breast Cancer.

Breast cancer begins with uncontrolled growth of breast cells and ended up with tumor. If grow, such tumors are cancerous and stretch into other parts of the body. Although this disease occurs mostly in women, however men can also get effect with breast cancer. If it goes undetected, it can discharge blood from nipple or cause texture-change or change in breast shape or nipple. Its treatment includes surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Garlic presents new remedial approach in breast cancer. In a study, it was observed that seven “stabilized derivatives” of garlic’s allicin were helpful to stop the growth of breast cancer cells. This study is supporting where chemotherapy is not responsive. In aged garlic extract, S-allylmercaptocysteine, is also helpful to restrain the proliferation and growth of breast cancer cells. Daily and regular dose of garlic in daily diet is advisable for women to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

10 amazing health benefits of garlic use
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  1. Bronchitis (A respiratory disease).

Bronchitis is the swelling of the lining of bronchial airways of the lungs. Severe bronchitis can result from respiratory infection or cold, which causes swelling mucus membranes and narrow airways. Fever, chest pain, fatigue and chills are symptoms of bronchitis. Often bronchitis goes away after short period; however severe bronchitis continues and sometimes requires antibiotics in case of bacterial infection.

Viruses which cause cold in children and adults mostly produce serene symptoms. But due to weak immune system, often body cannot fight against virus at initial stage, which develops bronchitis. Garlic herb has antiviral characteristics which improves the immune system. It also helps in preventing irritating cold from developing into bronchitis. Garlic supplement, once a day, for a period of 12-weeks, during cold and flu season, can help fast recovery.

  • How much can i safely take?

You can take fresh garlic on daily basis in your diet. Supplements are also beneficial, but must be used with the physician advice. Studies show that garlic powder upto 1500-mg per day, aged garlic extract 7200-mg per day and garlic oil upto 500-mg are safe to use without any side effects. Although unusual, but it may be allergic to some skin, causing irritation, skin burn and little damage. Similarly breastfeeding and pregnant women may consume normal intake of garlic and should avoid higher dose.

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