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7 hot favorite weight loss Yoga poses for beginners at home

Yoga is not a religious practice or exclusively reserved for spirituals. It’s wonderful way to liberate from ordinary experience of self and transform into unlimited state of freedom and satisfaction. Due to its twisty and bendy positions, you may think that this is about stitching, but it is not. It is about creating balance in mind and body while joining both together and bring them into close contact.

Yoga Benefits:

Benefits of yoga are few steps away. Studies show that even a single class of yoga is very helpful to reduce anxiety, tension, anger, depression and fatigue. It is also helpful for strength of muscles and weight loss.

There are many hot poses that help weight loss and it’s hard to single out just few poses. Weight loss is out of some benefits of yoga and I have preferred few poses to lose some weight. By practicing these hot poses regularly, alongwith physical and mental comfort, you will lose your body weight. You don’t need any professional trainer even you can do it on your own with these simple steps practicing daily. Here are some hot poses for weight loss for beginners at home.

Straight palm tree pose

Tadasana (Straight Palm Tree Pose)

Now come in an open space preferably playground with rich greenery. In order to focus, look in front of you at some fixed point and don’t move your gaze. Stand still by getting your feet lightly apart and balance yourself by losing your arms by your side. Now raise your arms above your head and lock your figures while your palms upward facing the sky. Now slowly lower the hands till your knuckles are touching your head.

Inhale fresh breeze while stretching your arms above you by pulling chest and shoulder upward with them. Push yourself up on tiptoes and while maintaining stability and balance stretch the body in that position. Hold your breath for a few moments (as long as you easily can). Now, while softly exhaling, slowly bring your hands back down to top of head and lower the heels. Take a rest of 3 to 5 seconds and do this five to ten times.

This pose is beneficial to stretch spinal column. Interestingly you can even increase your height, give strength to your muscles, tone your back muscles and abdominal muscles. It strengthens muscles of arms, legs and overall balance your body.

Swinging Tree Pose

Tiryana Tadasana (Swinging Tree Pose)

Stand by stretching your feet about 1.5 feet apart. Lock your figures with palms outward and while inhaling raise your hands upward, as done in Tadasana. Now slowly exhale and bend the body on right side without moving backward or forward or twisting your tummy. Without inhaling, hold your breath for few second. Then get straight to upright position and slowly breathe in again. Now while exhaling, bend your body to left side and for few seconds hold this position without inhaling. Now resume your straight position and inhale. Do this five to ten times.

This hot pose, strengthens your oblique muscles, and engages hard muscles which cover rib cage. Balance your core and improve stability. It stretches spine, relieve minor back injuries like slip disc etc. It also improves digestion and reduces constipation.

One-legged prayer pose

Vriksasana (Prayer Pose on one leg)

This pose also known as tree-pose. Put your legs and hang your arms loosely. Now slowly bend right knee and grab your ankle with right hand. Place the foot inside your left thigh by bringing heel close to perineum. Do it slowly so that you don’t lose your balance. Put your hands in prayer pose and hold this pose for 1 or 2 minutes. Then slowly bring your foot back to floor and relax for 3 to 5 seconds. Now do it again with left foot. This is my hot favorite pose. It strengthens leg muscles, inner thighs, improve balance and also support harmony between channels of body.

Rotating Pose

Kati Chakar-Asana (Rotating Pose)

Stand straight having space between feet about 1.5 ft. with loose arms. Now inhale and raise your arms by spreading both of them together right side of you parallel to floor. While exhaling slightly twist your upper body to the right and put your left hand on your left shoulder. Alongwith, twist your head to right, but make sure that your posture and neck are straight. Hold breath for few seconds by stretching your tummy and exhale while coming back to your position. Make sure that your feet are touching the ground while twisting. Now while inhaling repeat this to your left side, hold your breath and exhale while coming back to your position. Do five times on each side but smoothly and without any sudden movements. This pose is beneficial to stretch the muscles of waist, hips and back and to relax shoulders and arms.

90 degree angle pose

Ardha Hal-Asana (90 Degree Pose)

Lay down straight on your back putting your legs together. Inhale deep and raise both legs straightly and slowly until they are making 90 degree angle with floor. But don’t haul your buttocks up, and keep them lying with the floor. In this position your abs should work. Now for few seconds, while holding your breath, hold yourself in this position. Now slowly exhale and smoothly lower your legs. Do it 7 to 10 times. Beginners and fatty people may not be able to make 90 degree angle so initially it be at 45 degree.

It gives amazing power to your abdominal muscles, removes belly fat to get your hot six-pack. It also strengthens hips and thighs muscles, and improves digestion.

Phaalak-Asana Pose

Phaalak-Asana (Board Pose)

Kneel down on the floor and raise your hips. Bend forward and put your hands on the ground, palms down right at shoulders width below your shoulders. Raise your hips, straight your knees and balance yourself on your hands (without bending elbows) and foot toes. Against the force of gravity, keep your buttocks lifted and straight your back. Now keep your neck aligned with spine (if you do this correctly then your eyes would be looking towards floor). Be in this position as far as you can.

Board pose by bending elbows

For beginners it may be difficult in start, as body make shake while holding this position. But don’t worry and initially try with bending your elbows, as shown in the picture.

This is also my hot favorite post because in start, within one minute, my full body would start shaking. However, afterwards I become able to do hard dips. It strengthens the shoulders, arms, wrists and also improves your balance. It is helpful in future to do dips and crunches.

Superman yoga pose

Veepareeta Shalabh-Asana (Superman Pose)

Lay down on your belly and straight your legs flat against the ground. Stretch your arms in front of you and bring your palms together. Take a deep breath. Now while using your tummy and back muscles, lift your head, arms, chest, thighs and feet from the ground. Now, without bending, fully stretch your legs behind and arms in front of you. In this position only part which is touching the ground must be your abdomen and area between abdomen and thigh. Be in this position as far as you can. Then come back to rest your body on the floor, for 5 to 7 seconds. Do this for 7 to 10 times.

If you include this pose in your daily practice, it’ll strengthen your abs and lower back in a great way. It also helps you in stretching your arms, shoulders, chest and legs.

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