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9 deceptive beliefs about Yoga!

We all know about yoga. It’s not a sports activity or relaxing technique or something you do when you are free. Yoga is much more than these. It’s a great way to relieve your suffering and nourish your body. You have to get time from your daily life to take deep breaths and attain a point of peace and recognition. Plus if you maintain your healthy diet, among others, you can lose your weight too. Yoga exercise has immeasurable health benefits. Nothing bad would happen because mostly yoga poses are very easy without any harm and without any age restriction. So just go for it and beware of these deceptive beliefs about yoga.

[Tweet “Due to less knowledge and information, people have rumored some false impressions about yoga.”]

One may exercise yoga for a different goal, including the removal of pains and suffering we face on a daily basis. It also includes problems of lack of confidence, tight muscles, weak body strength, stress, and bodyweight problem, etc. Yoga can treat and help you to get rid of anguishes, more than these.

Even at the initial stage, you’ll feel much happier, very glowing, free of stress and healthier. Once you’ve started you’ll see the difference between your past and present. You don’t have to have classes for yoga in the beginning and you can start it at home. Due to less knowledge and information, people have rumored some false impressions about yoga. I am hereby clearing those prevalent misconceptions.

Flexible body is not necessary for yoga training.

  • You don’t need to have a flexible body for yoga.

You must have heard that “yoga is not your cup of tea, it demands a flexible body to do yoga poses”. Wrong! It’s a natural exercise and no one is above nature. It doesn’t require a stretchy or elastic body rather it demands mental flexibility. No doubt, flexibility is one aspect to get better results from yoga, but, again it’s not the basic requirement to get into it.[Tweet “You do yoga for flexibility, not required to be flexible to do yoga.”]

Instead, most people join yoga to strengthen their muscles and get a flexible body, so elasticity is not the pre-condition. As I said there are many goals of yoga, and flexibility is one of them. Flexibility is the goal which mostly persons achieved through yoga. You have to do yoga for flexibility, not required to be flexible to do yoga.

Flexibility is the results of yoga so don’t stick in the rumors and give it a try. Even if you are inflexible and unbending like a rock, it’ll embrace you and make you flexible. Do yoga and have a balanced and healthy life.

[Tweet “Many poses in yoga exercise, specifically for weight loss purposes.”]

  • You may be overweight for yoga.

If you are overweight then you should worry to lose it, instead of worrying about all rumors around you about yoga. Again, it’s not a prerequisite for yoga, to be slim smart. You just do have a smart approach. There are many poses in yoga exercise, specifically for weight loss purposes. Some positions in Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga are very helpful to reduce belly fat and weight loss. If you have extra fats in your body then you’ll get dual benefits. First that you’ll lose your weight and become healthy and second that your muscles will get great strength.

Women should do yoga even in menstruation periods

[Tweet “Only inversion poses should avoid in menstruation period.”]

  • Women should practice yoga in menstruation period.

It’s a misconception that has neither any history nor any logic. Women have to live in the problematic condition in these days that’s why they should practice yoga these days. Yoga in menstruation periods will reduce menstrual pain and help to relax your mind. Only inversion poses should avoid in menstruation period. Remaining all normal poses are great to exercise, as far as you feel relaxed and easy with them.

Elders should do yoga

  • Elders should not avoid practicing yoga.

It someone considers it sports then luckily this is one of the games which older can also play. But unfortunately there are some delusions about this too, that older people should avoid yoga. The reason behind this stupid approach is that they have weak body joints, therefore, they should not take a risk. And due to this, they are most susceptible to heart problems, knee issues and unfit for yoga training.

This perception is completely bogus. This exercise has adjustment and alteration for each position as per the requirement of the student. If you are young you can do without soft ground, but elders can use a pillow or some soft blocks. The basic purpose is an exercise of body and not the suffering of the body. Just make sure that you don’t try to teach elders at home and they should consult professional trainers. Yoga is accessible for all people of all ages in all places.

[Tweet “Although a healthy diet makes difference, there are no such restraints on your food habits in yoga.”]

  • Having a healthy diet is not a pre-requisite for yoga.

Just taking an example of bodybuilding gymnasium, some people presume that you have to take a healthy diet to exercise yoga. Most people delay or never start, being misled by this false presumption that you must have a healthy diet. Although a healthy diet makes a difference, there are no such restraints on your food habits in yoga. You may have junk food or eat vegetables or meat or anything of your personal choice.

  • A yoga teacher must be a health consultant!

No doubt yoga trainer must have known some basic knowledge about human structure. But by no stretch of the imagination, it means that their qualifications must include like certificate or consultancy license. The only thing you should care about is that if you have a severe injury or any doubts about diet, consult your doctor. Ask your trainer to change poses in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

  • Yoga is a women’s exercise.

People think that yoga is an exercise mostly women do. Even in movies or dramas, you’d see yoga character is a woman. Even men feel shame to practice in a false presumption that stretching and making poses is too girly. But hey, have you ever tried to do Hot yoga or Vinyasa yoga, then you are underestimating practices. On one hand, these yoga are difficult on the other hand it’ll give strength to your heart, muscles, and soul.

  • Anybody can practice yoga.

What? If you are thinking that yoga is only the practice which only rich can exercise, then please reconsider. Although some trainer charged very costly but again you can try it at home, but there are so many books and tutorials on the website about yoga poses. All you have to do to spare some time for yourself and avoid any lame excuses to postpone.

  • Yoga is just a moderate exercise.

I am going to say, at the cost of repetition, that if someone thinking that this is a gentle exercise, then please reconsider. It has many poses and situations. Though some of them are contemplative and meditative, poses of Ashtanga Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga required much strength. In order to practice Vinyasa Yoga, you have to be physically strong and have good stamina.

In all aspects, yoga opens the way to different goals and opportunities. You CAN do yoga whether you are older or young, rich or poor, man or woman. All you must possess is self-belief and reliance on yourself, to begin with. It’ll not only help you to get your inner peace but help to enhance confidence and better control of your life.

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