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Abortion home remedies: Risks and what to know

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, some women might consider a home abortion. Online sources cite abortion home remedies that they claim are both safe and effective.

For example, some suggest consuming various fruits, herbs, or supplements in excessive quantities. Others recommend intense exercise or inserting implements through the cervix to the uterus to induce abortion.

None of these options is a good idea. Some are merely ineffective, while others are incredibly risky and could potentially lead to disability or death.

In this article, we discuss the risks of home abortions, which range from toxicity to life threatening infection. We also detail the alternative options available to those who wish to end a pregnancy safely.

The risks of home remedies

Some abortion home remedies, such as drinking certain teas, may seem relatively safe.

However, consuming everyday herbs in excessive amounts could potentially lead to toxicity. Some remedies can be fatal.

The World Health Organization (WHO) report that 47,000 women die every year due to unsafe abortions, and an additional 5 million develop a disability as a result.

The WHO state that it is possible to prevent almost all of these deaths and disabilities through accessing safe abortion, sex education, and family planning.

Potential risks of home remedies include:

An incomplete abortion

An incomplete abortion is one that was not fully successful. It occurs when the pregnancy ends, but some of the fetal tissue remains in the body.

It is necessary to seek immediate medical treatment for an incomplete abortion to avoid significant blood loss, severe infection, or death. However, a woman may not know if the abortion is incomplete until they develop severe symptoms, such as bleeding.


Taking herbal remedies or abortion pills purchased from unreputable online sources can have serious consequences.

Even natural remedies can be toxic, especially when people consume them in large amounts.

When people eat toxic amounts of something, the liver comes under pressure to filter the toxins from the body. In severe cases, this results in liver damage or liver failure.

Some websites claim to sell abortions pills online, but many of these pills are not genuine. In some cases, they could be harmful. Products from other countries can contain contaminants from heavy metals. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or other authorities do not monitor these products, which means the public is not protected.


Hemorrhaging means major blood loss. While all surgeries, including surgical abortions, carry the risk of heavy bleeding, an abortion by an unqualified person increases that risk significantly. …………………….. …………………….. Continue Reading. …………………….. ……………………..

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