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“All These Things” Song Lyrics by “Aaron Neville”

All These Things” Song Lyrics

The touch of your lips next to mine
Gets me excited and makes me feel fine
The touch of your hand and your sweet hello
Oh, the fire inside you when you’re holding me close

Your love so warm and tender
Oh, the thrill is so divine
It is all these things that make you mine
Make you mine

If you would leave
Lord, I surely, I surely would die
When you were ten minutes late
I started to cry

Oh, I’ve got it bad but it’s all right
Oh, as long as you’re here
Every, oh, every, every, every night
Your love, your love, your love, your love
So warm and tender, oh, and I know the thrill
I know the thrill is so divine
It is all these things that make you mine

All that makes you mine
All that makes you mine
Never, never, never leave me
Oh, you’ll always be mine





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