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All viruses are not villains actually!

The role of bacteria and our microbiome in health and disease is at the forefront of medical research. We are a long way from answering the many questions posed by recent findings, but it is now firmly established that without our personal fleet of “friendly” microorganisms — our microbiome — we would not thrive.

Medical science, however, does not sit on its haunches; its eyes are always fixed on the horizon, straining to describe the shape of things hidden in the far distance. As we struggle to unpick the almost unbearably complex interactions between bacteria and health, the next challenge is already waiting in the wings: the role of the virome.

What is the virome?

When we hear the word “microbiome,” we immediately think of bacteria, but technically, the microbiome is the sum of all microorganisms in a particular environment. Some scientists use the term to refer to the sum of the genetic material of these microorganisms…… Continue Reading…..

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