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Is Voice Search the Next Big Travel Technology Trend?

Voice technology has limitless possibilities. Siri and Alexa are as popular as ever. Residential voice assistant devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo are a part of daily life for millions of people. Voice search technology is here to stay, recent statistics confirm it. And the travel industry has taken note. Here’s why FlightHub and JustFly think voice search […]

Four Ways You Can Make Your Workplace an Engine of Productivity

Employee productivity is the very backbone of every company.  Improving it directly affects the company’s success. It is vital for a company to stay alive and thrive. Business leaders need to realize that it is not about hiring productive employees. It is about creating a productive work environment for the employees. Here are four foolproof ways to […]

Digital world affecting our brain’s quality of attention and deep reading?

We are living in a digital world. Kids, since their very first birthday, are used to digital devices and gadgets and learning things in fastest way. Even with a safe evaluation, more than 80% of work is now being done through online facilitation. We satisfy our thirst of information and news through e-newspapers and social […]


Countries with plenty of resources especially developing countries, are facing miseries in form of violation of human rights, lack of economical stability, illegal eviction of inhabitants from their houses, clashes of communities on the basis of ethnicity or religion etc.. More or less, ROHINGYA is also facing the same crisis, without any help/ support from […]


Nutrition facts??? Many of us, while buying processed food items, often bothered to have a look at nutrition facts, ingredients labeled over packing. Reason may be that mostly citizen of every state has a blind confidence and trust with state health departments that they would protect them from unhealthy and unhygienic food products and will […]


Human Body has power to cure itself! Hippocrates (460-370 B.C) believed that Human Body has innate capacity for self-healing, but this theory of self-healing as well as self-healing quality of human body, had been much damaged by Medical Doctors’ approach by substituting it with “A pill for every ill” and the result is that instead […]

Disastrous Chinese Health Care After 1980s…

After 1980, health care suffered from huge disastrous effects due to govt. policy of market reform. Although since 2009 govt. took steps to improve healthcare system in China, but it is a long journey to remove effects of three continuous decades of bad healthcare system.