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🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏽‍♀️Polygamy Law in Pakistan. Don’t contract second marriage while hiding first marriage. !

Moeen Ahmed
In this video I’ve tried to explain the law of polygamy, and procedure for Muslim male to contract second marriage in Pakistan. Although section 6...
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👦🏻👶🤱How to adopt a child in Pakistan پاکستان میں بچہ گود لینا اور اسکے مسائل۔

Moeen Ahmed
Child Adoption laws in Pakistanپاکستان میں بچہ گود کیسے لیا جائے؟۔۔۔Petition under Guardian and Wards ActSuit for declaration for child custodyپاکستان میں بچہ گود لینے...
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👀🚨🔺 Suit for jactitation of marriage II تکذیب نکاح کیا ہے؟ کون دعوی کر سکتا؟ دعوی نہ کرنے کا نتیجہ؟

Moeen Ahmed
In this video i will discuss different scenarios of suit for jactitation of marriage or تکذیب نکاح, explain the law about jactitation of marriage in...
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🤔✅🤔What’s Right of pre-emption-Muslim Law (urdu-hindi) II حق شفعہ کیا ہے؟ مکمل تفصیل جانئے اس ویڈیو

Moeen Ahmed
What is Muslim Right of Pre-emption in Pakistan? How it can effect anyone’s proprietary rights in Pakistan??? Misuse of Pre-emption Law…...
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15 yoga poses to relieve neck & shoulder pain

Moeen Ahmed
Postures in this article are for shoulder and neck pain relief and to enhance strength and flexibility. All the poses are for shoulders, neck, arms,...