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Best and easy yoga poses for office job holders at work

Two common problems doctors and nurses face in their daily professional lives are stress and muscle pain. This is the result of workloads and dealing publically with different kinds of patients. Interestingly, despite being health-carer, they mostly misunderstood these problems and their effects. Even continuous stress can upset their colleagues and made them short-tempered and unwell.

Stress problems and tighten muscles

Stress is not the key issue, rather the problem is that they are unable to relax them in their busy schedule, and feel more stressed. Consequently, stress tightens their muscles. Like stiff shoulder muscles can lead to a stiff neck and then resultantly converted into a headache. Moreover, it can affect their social behavior which can misread their conditions and feelings about others. They avoid social interaction and become isolated and again dumped in more stress. [Tweet “Stress is a normal reaction caused by hormones which increases pulse and breathing rate to tight muscles.”]

If you are a health professional either a nurse or a doctor, you must know that stress is a result and not a cause. To get rid of it, you must find reasons for such stress. Stress is a normal reaction caused by hormones which increases pulse and breathing rate to tight muscles. It varies from person to person, you may be a nurse, or working at a clinic and employee in an office. You may have stress just like your colleague but your routine can be different and therefore treatment also must be different.

Yoga is a solution.

Due to stress and bad postures during work you can face emotional suffering. Yoga has a wonderful solution to your problems encountered at work. Yoga can provide a remedy for backaches, tight muscles, and tension headaches. It also helps in other consequent effects like aggression and sadness. Yoga is a cure for your over-activity or inactivity (sitting or listening for time). Here are some best and easy yoga poses for office job holders. If practiced regularly it can replicate anti-stress treatments and give strength to your muscles and relieve your pain.

Easy poses for tightening muscles and headache.

  • Sitting position:

Just take a seat and share your weight equally on both hips. Position your feet little apart from another. Outer edges of your feet corresponding to each other. Your knee joints are straight above your ankles (making 90-degree angle). The pelvis must be straight right, as the entire length of your spinal feature is stretched. Look in front of you by extending your head crown upward. Raise your chest outside and let loose your hands on your thighs. Now relax your face, lips, tongue. Breath in and out completely through your nose and don’t open your mouth for breath purpose. While you are reading at it, I suggest you do it just now and feel the difference. This is one of the best and easy yoga poses for office job holders.

Simple standing pose

  • Tadasana (Standing Position)

If you are a doctor or having jobs to do while sitting on a chair. This is a beginner’s step for yoga. All you have to do is to stand still and place your feet apart from another. Outer edges of feet must be parallel to each other and touching the ground. The weight of your body will be distributed on your soles equally. Make a distance between your feet about 1.5 feet. Let lose your hands parallel to your body and relax your tongue, lips, and face. Inhale deeply and exhale through your nose.

  • Head rotation:

You can do this while standing or sitting on a chair. Inhale a deep breath and turn your head to the right, but make sure your chin is parallel to the floor. Don’t bow your head while turning your head shoulders must be relaxed. Now while exhaling turns your head on the left side, again without bowing. Do it for at least 7 to 10 times, but slowly and not in a haste. You can close your eyes and think something pleasurable while feeling the effect of rotation. It’s another best yoga pose for office job holders.

  • Bending your head.

This posture can also be practiced while sitting or standing. Inhale a deep breath while stretching your spinal column and your neck and also keep your head straight (as you look at the camera for your passport size photo). Now while exhaling, slowly bend your head to the right side as your ear is getting closer to your shoulder. While doing this just relax your shoulders. Don’t bow the head towards the ground, and do it 7 to 10 times.

  • Relax burning eyes.

Working in tube lights or while looking at a computer screen, eyes may feel burning and itchy and vision become blurry. The reason may be less blinking of eyes, or constant viewing very near. Take a short break and do this.

  • Distant and near view.

Very easy step. Extend your arm straight in front of you at eye level, put up your thumb while making a fist. Take a deep breath in and out while looking at the tip of your nose. Then breath in and out and look at your thumbnail. Similarly, now look at an object far from thumbnail but near to you and breath in and out. Now look at an object which is in the distance and take a deep breath and exhale. Finally, inhale a deep breath and look up into the sky and exhale slowly. Now do it in reverse in the same balance. You can do this exercise during some work breaks. It’s the best and easy yoga pose for office job holders.

  • Blinking and cupping eyes.

Due to heavy work eyes, moisture can dry so to relax them do this exercise. By practicing this exercise you can provide little palm generated heats to your eyes and eyes sockets.

Close your eyes and forcefully rub your hands together till you feel warmness in your hands. Now cover your eyes with your palms and make sure that there must be a difference between your eyelids and your palms. Completely relax your eyes and feel the heat, transferring into your eyes. After a short while taking your palms off and relax but keep your eyes closed for a moment. After a short moment, open your eyes, and start blinking your eyes quickly and begin slower while blinking and lastly keep eyes open. Relax your body and feel the difference.

Easy poses for stretch shoulders and upper back:

Torso Rotation

  •  Waist rotating pose (Torso Rotation)

Come in standing pose. Inhale through the nose and while breathing raise your hands slowly over your sides to the height of the shoulder. But only raise your arms and don’t pull your shoulders. Now bend your left arm till it is in front of your sternum. Now exhale and rotate your upper torso and turn right arm backward while outstretching right arm. Inhale again and now rotate back in the initial position and get straight both arms. Now this time bend the right arm and while exhaling rotate your upper torso and turn left arm backward while outstretching left arm. Repeat this at least from 7 to 10 times, but slowly. Now be relax, close your eyes and feel the effects of rotation in your vertebrae. It’s one of the best and easy yoga poses for office job holders who have to work while sitting all the time.

Swaying Palm Tree Pose

  • Swaying Palm Tree Pose

Stand by stretching your feet about 1.5 feet apart. Lock your figures with palms outward and while inhaling raise your hands upward to the sky. Now slowly exhale and bend the body on the right side without moving backward or forward or twisting your tummy. Without inhaling, hold your breath for a few seconds. Then get straight to an upright position and slowly breathe in again. Now while exhaling, bend your body to the left side and for few seconds hold this position without inhaling. Now resume your straight position and inhale. Do this at least five to ten times.

It will not only relieve you from back pain but also give strength to your muscles. And relax your stretched parts.

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