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Influencer Marketing For Brands: What YouTube And Instagram Can Teach You About The Future Of Digital Advertising

Read Online: Book Description:  In the next few years, brands are on track to spend billions of dollars on influencer marketing. This form of marketing—currently utilized with great success on Instagram and YouTube—is not a short-lived fad, but a tectonic shift for the future of digital advertising. It’s the way of the future, and the […]

Goliath Strikes Back: How Traditional Retailers Are Winning Back Customers from E-Commerce Startups

Read Online: Book Description:   Capturing the ecommerce edge in customer growth and retention has been a decades-long battle between eRetail startups and large traditional retailers. The two face different sets of challenges and those challenges are constantly evolving in our digital world. Goliath Strikes Back: How Traditional Retailers Are Winning Back Customers from Ecommerce […]

The Strangest Secret: Classic Wisdom for Everyday People

Read Online: Book Description:   Here’s a sobering statistic: by the age of 65, on average only 5% of us will have achieved success. “Yeah, right. . . ” you might say, “Success is subjective; there is more than one version of what it means to be successful.” The author of this book disagrees with […]

Freakonomics – A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything

Read Online: Book Description: These may not sound like typical questions for an economist to ask. But Steven D. Levitt is not a typical economist. He studies the riddles of everyday life—from cheating and crime to parenting and sports—and reaches conclusions that turn conventional wisdom on its head. Freakonomics is a groundbreaking collaboration between Levitt […]