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Fortran 2018 With Parallel Programming

Read Online: Book Description: The programming language Fortran dates back to 1957 when a team of IBM engineers released the first Fortran Compiler. During the past 60 years, the language had been revised and updated several times to incorporate more features to enable writing clean and structured computer programs. The present version is Fortran 2018. […]

Using Asyncio in Python: Understanding Python’s Asynchronous Programming Features

Read Online: Book Description: If you’re among the Python developers put off by asyncio’s complexity, it’s time to take another look., Asyncio is complicated because it aims to solve problems in concurrent network programming for both framework and end-user developers,. The features you need to consider are a small subset of the whole asyncio API, […]

A-Z of Digital Research Methods

Read Online: Book Description: This accessible, alphabetical guide provides concise insights into a variety of digital research methods, incorporating introductory knowledge with practical application and further research implications.A-Z of Digital Research Methods provides a pathway through the often-confusing digital research landscape, while also addressing theoretical, ethical and legal issues that may accompany each methodology. Dawson […]

Practical Python Data Visualization: A Fast Track Approach To Learning Data Visualization With Python

Read Online: Book Description:   Quickly start programming with Python 3 for data visualization with this step-by-step, detailed guide. This book’s programming-friendly approach using libraries such as leather, NumPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas will serve as a template for business and scientific visualizations. You’ll begin by installing Python 3, see how to work in Jupyter notebook, […]

Secrets of a Cyber Security Architect

Read Online: Book Description:   This book is filled with techniques, tips, and tricks that secure software architects and developers can apply directly. From assessing the sensitivity of data in a system through actually getting requirements implemented, this book offers readers practical, how-to advice in small, focused and directly applicable gems of insight, knowledge, and […]

Python for Linguists

Read Online: Book Description: Specifically designed for linguists, this book provides an introduction to programming using Python for those with little to no experience of coding. Python is one of the most popular and widely-used programming languages as it’s also available for free and runs on any operating system. All examples in the text involve […]

Deep Learning: Concepts And Architectures

Read Online: Book Description: This book introduces readers to the fundamental concepts of deep learning and offers practical insights into how this learning paradigm supports automatic mechanisms of structural knowledge representation. It discusses a number of multilayer architectures giving rise to tangible and functionally meaningful pieces of knowledge, and shows how the structural developments have […]