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👶🧕 Supreme Court of Pakistan sentenced a “District Judge” in a child torture case. بچوں پر ظلم و تشدد کی سزا

In this video I’ve discussed a latest judgment of Supreme Court in which an Additional District Judge, Islamabad was penalized and sentenced for cruelty upon a child. Both husband and wife, were accounted for such child abuse…… Child abuse is punishable under section 328-A PPC.

⛹️‍♀️🤹‍♀️ Whoever outrage modesty of woman, will not spare in Pakistan. Section 354 & 354-A of Pakistan Penal Code.

In this video I’ve discussed the provision of 354 & 354-A of PPC and IPC which deals with whoever tries to outrage the modesty of a women or strip her naked in public place …. There are many such like unreported incidents because of our society, but not now. We should stand up and curb […]

🎟💔 If cheque is dishonored in Pakistan? What’s best legal solution? Legal action to get money back.

In this video I’ll tell you that if your cheque is dishonored and your amount/ money is stuck, then what is best legal action you can take????? If its helpful, then please subscribe my channel and share it with your friends,.. Thanks

🤦‍♂️🤳 If you are receiving call or messages from unknown number in Pakistan. Or someone threatening on phone. Take legal action!

If someone annoying you, irritating you, or threatening you then you can take legal action against him by lodging FIR in police station or FIA or PTA…. Don’t worry just take any suitable legal action and he’ll no more threat you….

🤬💂‍♂️👨‍🎨 How to take legal action toward Illegal Dispossession/Land Grabbers in Pakistan. Qabza Mafia قبضہ مافیا

In this video I’ve tried to explain the remedy available against illegal dispossession of any person who was in lawful possession of the property. I’ve discussed following questions in this video…. What is the remedy available to illegally dispossessed persons? What is the procedure to take action against illegal dispossession? If tenant or mortgagee is […]

🤺🗣👉What legal remedy women can avail if she is sexually/ otherwise harassed in Pakistan. Harassment

In this video you will know that what is the procedure available to a woman in Pakistan if she is being harassed sexually or otherwise, either in Educational Institutions, Govt. Institutions, Hospitals, Companies or Banks etc. The Punjab Protection against Harassment of women at Workplace Act, 2010 provides legal mechanism for women being harassed at […]

👨‍⚕️👴🤦‍♂️ How to take legal action against doctor/patient. Procedure of Punjab Healthcare Commission

How to take legal action against doctor or patient… What are the rights and duties of doctors and patient.? Doctors and patients are accountable for any violation of charter of PHC. What is the procedure of complaint in Punjab Healthcare Commission?

👀🚨🔺 Suit for jactitation of marriage II تکذیب نکاح کیا ہے؟ کون دعوی کر سکتا؟ دعوی نہ کرنے کا نتیجہ؟

In this video i will discuss different scenarios of suit for jactitation of marriage or تکذیب نکاح, explain the law about jactitation of marriage in Pakistan . who can seek jactitation and when suit for jactitation of marriage in Pakistan, can be filed. What is jactitation of marriage? What are different scenarios? Who can file […]