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😇✅🔺Pension law Punjab govt. High court decision in pension case 2019. Kids can receive pension.

In this video I have discussed a decision of Lahore High Court, Lahore in which Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ali Baqar Najfi was pleased to set aside a notification issued by Punjab Govt. regarding receiving of pension by kids of govt. servants. Please watch till end to understand pension law, and please comment and share with […]

🤺🗣👉What legal remedy women can avail if she is sexually/ otherwise harassed in Pakistan. Harassment

In this video you will know that what is the procedure available to a woman in Pakistan if she is being harassed sexually or otherwise, either in Educational Institutions, Govt. Institutions, Hospitals, Companies or Banks etc. The Punjab Protection against Harassment of women at Workplace Act, 2010 provides legal mechanism for women being harassed at […]