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Digital world affecting our brain’s quality of attention and deep reading?

We are living in a digital world. Kids, since their very first birthday, are used to digital devices and gadgets and learning things in fastest way. Even with a safe evaluation, more than 80% of work is now being done through online facilitation. We satisfy our thirst of information and news through e-newspapers and social […]

How May I Help You Helpfully?

In our society, social dynamics make ways difficult to help each other. To successfully facilitate others, you should adhere these dynamics. Before helping anyone, it should be considered that the help is productive. Before offering help you should inquire with humility and encouragement about the problems you are attempting to solve.

Evolutionary process Versus Love, friendship and cooperation…

Human beings share many traits with other animals, but how? Answer is in evolutionary junction, whereby different species arrive at same evolutionary adaptation separately.

To understand Conscious, you must question your understanding of experience…

To understand conscious, you must question your understanding of experience you have. There is slight difference between conscious and thinking.