About Us


We are a team of Teachers, Students, Bloggers, Doctors, Social Workers, Scientists, Mathematicians, Philanthropists, Software Engineers, and Sportsmen. With a wide exposure to different fields of knowledge, everybody, share his knowledge and expertise via this platform.

  • Emma Williams:                             Editor-in-Chief

Emma is a lawyer, teacher, blogger, singer, reader, writer, and musician. Loves to read and write in her spare time. She is also Editor-in-Chief of knowledgeisle.

  • Abigail Elijah:                                Author

Abigail is a Psychologist for last more than 10 years. She is an expert in Psychological counseling like Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Relationship Issues, and child counseling. Her hobbies include traveling, web surfing, writing and freelancing.

  • Charlotte Benjamin.                     Author

Charlotte is a freelance entrepreneur! She teaches yoga & fitness classes on a one to one or group basis at various locations in Canada. She is a professional editor, used to working with web & print marketing campaigns & also writes articles for & produces a local magazine/directory.

  • Isabella Logan.                             Author

Isabella Logan is a doctor by profession.  She is a Doctor. Currently working as Registered General Practitioner and Freelance medical expert/writer. She also has an interest in health affairs internationally. Writing and researching is her hobby.

  • James Oliver.                               Author

James is an expert in recipe development and food concept services. He is certified in food allergens and dietary preferences. In his 15 years of professional cooking management experience, historical and cultural touch is he bringing to the table

  • Liam Noah.                                   Author

Noah is a dietitian nutritionist. He writes and reviews nutrition education materials, menus, nutrition labels/facts. Passionate about nutrition and helping individuals regain their health control through diet and lifestyle modification. He worked as a clinical dietitian for 5 years, providing evidence-based medical nutrition therapy to various people of every age. The foundation of his practice as a nutrition professional is a combination of compassion, research-based information, understanding, empowerment, and individualized approach.

  • Daniel J. Nathan:                          Author

Daniel is a developer with extensive knowledge of Python, Flask, Angular, UX/UI, NoSQL/SQL, DevOps, Continuous Deployment and supporting infrastructure, with professional experience of more than 5 years in medium and small scale projects and teams. Loves the coding.

  • Moeen Ahmed:                             Author

Moeen Ahmed is a lawyer by profession. His hobbies includes, writing blogs about health, fitness, yoga, history, psychology and nutrition. Alongwith, he is a Martial Arts student, passionate yoga trainer, and since last two years, conducting online classes in Lahore, Pakistan.