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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Get answers of your questions…

With sudden outbreak of infections with a coronavirus has spread global anxiety and concerns that virus might spread too far and too fast and cause dramatic harm before health officials find a way to stop it. But what are the realities of the new coronavirus outbreak? We investigate. In December last year, reports started to emerge that a coronavirus that specialists had never before seen in humans had begun to spread among the population of Wuhan, a large city in the Chinese province of Hubei.



Since then, the virus has spread to other countries, both in and outside Asia, leading the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare this as a pandemic. To date, the novel coronavirus — currently dubbed “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2,” or SARS-CoV-2 for short — has been responsible for 219,042 infections globally, causing 8,939 deaths. In the U.S., the virus has affected 9,415 people and has so far caused 150 deaths. But what do we really know about this virus? And how is it likely to affect the global population? ……………. Continue Reading to get your answers…….

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