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Nutrition facts???

Many of us, while buying processed food items, often bothered to have a look at nutrition facts, ingredients labeled over packing. Reason may be that mostly citizen of every state has a blind confidence and trust with state health departments that they would protect them from unhealthy and unhygienic food products and will not allow any product to be in market, which could be injurious towards health of citizens. Unfortunately, most of the people are living in such blind trust and facing results in shape of bad health and severe diseases.

World Health Organization (WHO) published its report in June 2016 with a dreadful fact that worldwide obesity is more than doubled since 1980 which is, obviously, one of the reasons of serious diseases e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension, Osteoarthritis and Heart Diseases; and said report exposed reasons of obesity and overweight is result of increased intake of energy-dense foods (enriched with fats), and further reason behind this is environmental changes alongwith lack of supportive policies in different sectors including health, food processing marketing and education.

A layman can say that different products and companies are just selling food items to generate filthy revenue without care or being thoughtful regarding outcomes of processed food and drinks. Well the truth is NO, as they are not only well aware about the outcome of processed food items they are selling, but also knew how to keep them selling & most wanted item. For this purpose, they are using substances which would be highly addictive notwithstanding the results thereof, just like any other addictive drug i.e. Opium etc., which may cause chemical irregularity in the brain. Resultantly brain will demand that very thing of which it is addictive. They are using Electronic Media by advertising attractive ads to attract young generation for processed food items with different slogans.

Mesmerizing trap?

Dr. Neal Barnard in his recently published book The Cheese Trap, described how flouting a startling addiction will help you lose weight and named such addiction as Dairy Crack. He said cheese is addictive because dairy proteins can act as mild opiates. As a matter of fact, dairy items such as milk, butter and yogurt could make you sleepy and one cannot drive or read something consciously after having these items. Since last more than ten years, research upon rats in different labs, shows that rats became addicted of cheesecake, just like drug user.

Whenever they were asked to talk about their processed food products and results thereof, they will not only shift the reason towards your life style, different stuff of daily use, daily work routine etc., but also provide you different solution and free facilities to get rid of these effects. Just like a man who is selling cancerous food and with revenue of that product opened a free hospital for cancer patients. Unless getting awareness of devastating health effecting results of smoking, television industry was fully sponsored to promote different smoking brands and even USA Health Departments were specifically denying health hazardous effects of smoking.

What could be reason that this HYGIENE (so claimed) processed food is part of our daily in-take and still everybody getting sick, weak and suffering from dangerous diseases, which were far away when, at least, these so-called hygienic food items were not in market?

Awareness concerning dangerous effects of these processed foods and drinks rapidly stretching all over the world nowadays; since 120 countries have banned all kinds of soft drinks and processed juices nearby educational institute, and after considering harmful and adverse effects upon children’s health, recently Pakistan has made arrangements and Punjab Food Authority (PFA) banned the sale of all types of soft drinks at educational institutions across Punjab from 14th August, 2017. This is time to think about it, before it is too late. THINK BEFORE YOU EAT

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