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“Dancin’ Shoes” Song Lyrics by “James Aaron Watson”

“Dancin’ Shoes” Song Lyrics

By that look on your face
I know you know whats on my mind
Honey it’s really half your fault
Standing there looking that fine
I swear I can’t believe my eyes
You look so good it almost hurts
Wearing nothing but a smile
And one of my old favorite sweatshirts

If you’re wanting a reaction
Girl I’m fixing to ignite
You say it takes two to tango
So put on your dancin’ shoes tonight

There’s still that magic when we touch,
Just like I felt the very first time
And I have to pinch myself cause
I still can’t believe you’re mine
Lord knows I’m blessed to be the man
Who gets to sweep you off your feet
When it comes to loving you,
You know I never miss a beat


There’s a full moon shining and
Baby we’re both fixing to find
What you get when you mix
Soft kisses with a little red wine





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