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Five quick ways to lose belly fat

Of course everyone wants to get rid of belly fat, and latest research and new results regarding belly fat diet, extracted the plan into five strategies belly fat lose. With these five tools, losing your stubborn belly fat is not only possible, but enjoyable. Break cortisol cycle, stop insulin resistance, heavy dose of vitamin-C, adequate sleep and interval training are keys to lose belly fat quickly.

#1-Break the Cortisol cycle

First thing we should know that what is cortisol and what it does? Cortisol is one of hormones, naturally produced and stored in our body. Its specific role is to respond to stress signals by storing fat in abdominal area. Our body is familiar with this process because when man used to live in jungle, then stress often indicated a chance of food shortage. And when in search of food, people moved from place to place, stress was a signal that food was going to be in short supply.

Cortisol Cycle

Thanks to agricultural evolution and excess of food, very few of us are threatened by shortage of food and its stress. But our body system is not aware of this evolution and system of storing fat continues. With the passage of time, definition of stress has been changed and nowadays stress may be of payment of utility bills, repayment of bank loans, busy schedule, unemployment etc. May be we are in much more stress than we were in jungle life.

Stress triggers the discharge of cortisol in our bloodstream and causes our body to direct fat to the abdomen, so that it may be used in case of food crisis. But, hey, there is no food crisis rather we eat more than enough food and stored fat never used as an energy source, therefore this cortisol cycle must be break in order to reduce belly fats. Initially you can control it with your daily intake of Vitamin-C.

#2: Undoing Insulin Resistance

I think everybody, if unaware exactly how it discharges and what is its function, but must’ve heard about it. Just like cortisol, insulin is a hormone produced by pancreas. Its role is to regulate the sugar in your blood so that glucose may be used by cells as energy.

What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance is a situation where your body’s cells become resistant to insulin and glucose cannot get through the cells to be used as energy, and results into two bad results i.e. 1) all of unused glucose stores as fat around your belly and 2) sugar level frequently spike up and drop which causes fatigue cycle. So excess belly fat makes your body defiant to insulin and insulin resistance causes body to store more fat, and on and on. This cycle is the reason of excess belly fat and also a leading indicator to develop type-2 diabetes. By reversing this cycle, you can reverse belly fat, even type-2 diabetes.

#3: Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to preventing and relieving colds and infections. However, to lose belly fat, vitamin C is one of the key players. It is necessary to produce a chemical known as L-carnitine, which used to transport stored abdominal fat to somewhere it can be burned as energy. It also reduces the outcomes of stress and helps to break cortisol cycle. It’s a soluble vitamin therefore cannot store in great amount. Its function, amongst infection resistance, is cell production and cell renewal, but stress also uses a great amount of vitamin C.

So, on Belly Fat Diet plan, you have to have heavy dose of vitamin C in your diet. But alongwith you have to take vitamin C supplement twice a day to give your body the extra C it needs to burn the belly fat you already have. It is required for belly fat loss in the first few weeks, thereby boosting immune system through both vitamin C and antioxidant-rich diet.

#4: Sleep well and get Ghrelin and Leptin on Your Side

What is leptin and ghrelin? These are hormones which greatly influence your weight by controlling your hunger. Leptin stored in fat tissue and sends signal to brain that your hunger is satisfied. Ghrelin is veiled in intestinal tract and sends signals that you’re hungry.


These hormones are impacted by your sleep habits. Several research studies shown that people whose sleep per night is less than seven hours, they would have decreased leptin levels and high ghrelin levels. Interestingly this routine does not required long period rather one night of interrupted sleep is enough to see the change in leptin and ghrelin levels. It means that getting adequate (7-8 hours) sleep, preferably every night at the same time, is necessary to keeping ghrelin and leptin on your side. A magical way to faster belly fat loss without having to do anything but adequate sleep.

#5: Period Training

If you’ve read or heard about period training or interval training, you must think that it is just for people who are already fit. But on the contrary, anyone can have interval training to maximize the results of their workouts in less time. It has been proven far more effective than steady paced workout. Well, twenty minutes of period training boosts your metabolism than an hour of static exercise. It constantly keeps your body guessing, so your metabolism is never having a chance to slow down. So in this way you’ll burn more calories throughout the day, no matter what you’re doing. This allows you to lose fat faster without cutting calories. One more benefit of interval training is that it builds tilt muscle faster than static training. Lean muscle not only burns many calories than fat tissues, but also improves efficiency with which glucose burned by muscles and absorbed.

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