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“Going To Texas” Song Lyrics by “James Aaron Watson”

Going To Texas” Song Lyrics

 Well… I been packed up some two weeks ago.

My truck’s gased up and ready to roll.
Just might get a ticket or two,but that’s alright.
Cause I’m going to Texas to see my baby tonight.
Thinkin’ bout her sends chills up my spine.

There’s a feelin’ I get when I cross the state line.
Her pickup truck will be next to mine.
Cause I’m going to Texas to see my baby tonight.
Colorado’s quite a sight
But I’d rather see my baby in those rugged mountain jeans.
Gettin cold at night,she can keep me warm
If you know what I mean [?] LoneStar shining bright.

Shines a little brighter,when she’s with me.
So I’m going to Texas to see my baby tonight.
Live a long life livin out on the road.

When the only friend of yours’ is the radio.
But even he fades out every now and then.
Girl I made a mistake I ain’t goin to make again.
The closer I get seems the faster I go.

The only thing between us now is New Mexico.
It’s just a matter of time before I hold her tight.
Cause I’m going to Texas to see my baby tonight.
(Take it home boys)

[Repeat Chorus]

Going to Texas to see my baby tonight.




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