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Histamine: A protection against heart and kidney damage…

Histamine is a blessing complex of organic nitrogenous involved in local impervious responses, as well as regulating physiological function in the gut alongwith acting as brain’s neurotransmitter, uterus and spinal cord. It is also involved in inflammatory response having important function as a mediator of itching.

Cognitive heart failure, or heart failure affects more than 5.7 million people in the USA. This condition does not yet have a cure. Chronic kidney disease also impacts a large %age of U.S. population, in which 14% being affected, and 47,000 cases resulting in death. Doctors closely link the two conditions in a phenomenon they call the cardiorenal syndrome i.e. an umbrella term for several disorders that affect both the kidneys and heart.

In cardiorenal syndrome, an acute or chronic dysfunction in one organ may trigger acute or chronic dysfunction in the other, and an increasing number of studies are trying to understand why. For instance, mounting evidence is showing that “the physiological communication between heart and kidney is necessary to maintain cardiovascular homeostasis,” and researchers have been using this lens to understand how chronic kidney disease raises the risk of heart failure…. Continue to read about Histamine and Cardiorenal Syndrome……


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