Insulin sensitivity can be affected by using combined carbs and sweeteners

A new study shows that mixing artificial sweeteners with carbohydrates alters a person’s sensitivity to sweet tastes, which may impact insulin sensitivity. Taste is not just a sense that allows us to enjoy gourmet delicacies. It plays a very practical role in maintaining health. Our ability to taste unpleasant flavors has helped humans steer clear of poisonous plants and food that has gone bad. But taste can also help our bodies stay healthy in other ways. A healthy person’s sensitivity to sweet taste allows their body to release insulin into the blood when that person eats or drinks something sweet.



Insulin is a key hormone whose primary role is to regulate blood sugar. When insulin sensitivity is affected, many metabolic problems can develop, including diabetes. New research led by investigators from Yale University in New Haven, CT, and other academic institutions has now made a surprising finding…….. Continue Reading……

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