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Its not a waste of time: 14-Health Benefits Of good Sleep

You may surprise with the subject, and even may think how sleep may be so much beneficial. You may even think that how to remain unconscious for hours can be helpful, while you can use this time. Well, examining these 14-health benefits of full night’s good sleep, you’ll be convinced [Tweet “good-sleep is “not a waste of time””].

  • Boosting your Happiness.

Unlike early period, we have no more concern about food and safety instead now our focus is more conceptual needs. Many of us are unhappy nowadays. We work a-lot and still running in a constant race and are still hungry, and consume as much as possible. It would be no exaggeration to say that condition of average man is quite depressed. Among other reasons, major reason behind this unhappiness is that we are not getting better and sufficient good sleep.

In sleeping state we deal with our emotional issues which we cannot cope while awaken. Sleeping and dreaming allows reducing our desires and fears and helps to over-come frustration. It also helps to repair your body and if you’re not getting sufficient rest, you’ll end-up with suffering and pain. [Tweet “Lack of good-sleep makes it very complex for self-regulation of your brain, which can cause imbalance and affect your mood.”]

  • Helps to prevent casual Headaches.

One may suffer different kinds of headaches, out of which most common is migraine and cluster headaches. Whether it is migraine or cluster headaches, lack of good-sleep aggravate and make this condition worse.

If, unfortunately, you are suffering from such casual headaches, you must change your sleep pattern; it’ll help you a lot. It’ll stable chemical balance in your brain and facilitate in lowering headaches, specifically in migraine headaches. Stress also tenses your body muscles particularly neck muscles, which results in putting strain on your cranium. Such damage and tense cause major headaches and good-sleep also helps in headaches causing due to stress. [Tweet “Sufficient and better sleep allows your body to ease from unnecessary stress.”]

  • Help you avoid abuse stuff.

Drug addiction and alcoholism, are two major issues which affect many people in USA. Surprisingly, major cause behind such addictions is lack of good-sleep. Well, it’s not true for everybody, but many people naturally persuade towards these substances because they are not getting enough-sleep. Because lack-of-sleep results disrupting circadian rhythm, and serious damage of such disruption is twisting of brain’s reward system.

[Tweet “If you are not taking enough sleep, your brain will experience less satisfaction.”]You may feel happy, even you are facing hardships, but with less sleep it would be difficult to remain satisfied. To meet with such dissatisfaction, you may incline to drink extra and might be end up with taking drugs. If you are abusing such substances, then rethink whether you are taking enough sleep. Probably, regular quality sleep of one month, might remove your craving for such bad addictions.

  • Quality sleep helps to Boost your Immune System.

One of the most significant benefits of regular quality sleep schedule is that it helps to boost your immune system. Due to lack of sleep your body may not be able to get sources to carry out renovations. Immune system is the mechanism from where your body takes supply in order to recompense for shortfalls. Although you will not vulnerable to major diseases and die at once, but there are more chances that you’ll get diseases like flu and common cold.

Shocked! Yes, even lack of sleep can also make you vulnerable to infections. Even contusions and bruises which are not so deep can also get infection falling you ill. It can be more dangerous if you are not taking adequate sleep for long time. In such situation your defense system would be weak and due to which your infection could get out of control.

[Tweet “If you frequently falling ill, then by getting sufficiently good quality sleep, you can reduce your occasional illness.”] People having enough sleep occasionally fall ill, and if unfortunately fall ill, it won’t stay for long.

  • Sufficient sleep keeps you more patient.

Taking enough sleep can help to keep you more patient and calm, because lack of sleep causes severe bad temper. It’s a defense mechanism in your brain. Interestingly, if it’s performance is not maximum, it looks towards things as threats, even there is no threatening really. That’s why in sleep deprivation, you may start reacting aggressively without any reason.

Due to sleep-deprivation, your body may deprive from a chemical named Serotonin which plays important role in making you patient. In such case, Adrenaline dribbles your fight-or-flight response into overdrive and produced excessively when you are facing sleep-deprivation, resultantly you become extremely short-tempered

[Tweet “Just take enough quality sleep and you’ll notice that you feel no annoyance, and your patience level is increasing.”]Even if you face annoying situation, you can ignore instead of reacting.

  • Helps in joyful sex.

One of the most vital processes human body conducted while sleeping, is regulation of hormones within the bloodstream. Out of these, one hormone is mainly responsible for sex performance. If you are healthy and your body is continuing the emission of such-hormones, you may have normal and joyful sex.

On the contrary, if you are not sleep adequately, you may face irregular estrogen or testosterone levels within your body. This will result in a noticeable drop in your sex drive. [Tweet “Insufficient-sleep also causes many other sexual dysfunctions e.g. erectile dysfunction is very common for people who don’t get quality sleep.”]With getting adequate-sleep you can feel healthy and ready for sex and with balanced chemical emission, you’ll enjoy your drive.

  • Sleep helps you in repairing your muscles.

Good sleep also helps you in getting muscular because this process is linked with your body while your brain asleep. When you are sleeping, a vital process of your body is in working i.e. repairing of your muscles. In a hectic and busy day your muscles get injured in anyway. Even if they are not injured, they cannot be used for a long time. When you are sleeping, your body can repair the damage occurred to your muscles and prepare them for next day.

If you are a bodybuilder, then sufficient sleep is very much important for you. The discomfort and pain you feel after extreme workout, is caused by tiny tears that enlarges your muscles. Body responds this situation by rebuilding muscles and overcompensating and making muscles stronger to take the strain of workout. And all this is process of regeneration and preparation is done when you’re asleep.

On the other hand, if you are not getting sufficient sleep, you may notice that you are not getting big muscles. Without adequate sleep, even hard workout is a futile exercise. Actually insufficient sleep for a long time can potentially cause muscle waste. In this case, your muscles will start to shrink because you are not getting enough time to restore them.

  • Good-sleep and Sharper mind.

Did you know that Albert Einstein is said to have regularly slept for 10 hours each night, excluding daytime nap. Apart from his extraordinary imaging skills, secret behind his theory of relativity was quality sleep, which sharpens his mind. Generally, a lack of sleep makes you very much less intelligent.

You may have noticed that in a brain-involving activity, your brain feels simple tasks as impossible one. That’s just because you are facing sleep deprivation, as it loses a considerable segment of your cognitive skills. Within brain, a meticulous balance of chemicals is required by your brain to perform at maximum ability. Neurons functions are more like electricity and if wiring is defective electricity won’t pass through properly.

Your brain revitalizes and repairs itself during sleep and prepares it for daily mental challenges. If you are facing trouble in performing actions which needs thinking, then have more sleep. You’ll be astonished as how much your mental performance will improve after a routine full night’s sleep.

  • It Prevents Car Accidents.

Driving while you are drunk is extremely prohibited by law and is considered as very irresponsible behavior. Reason behind this prohibition is that in this state you are dozy and lethargic and can get off of your lane. Same reasons apply when you drive with sleep-deprivation. Driving with less sleep can result in suffering from situation of micro sleep. It’s a moment of oblivion, though not last more than 2-to-3 minutes, but while driving this can cause disastrous accidents. Sleep deprivation can also cause delayed reactions and double vision, which also can cause deadly crashes.

If you are having full night’s sleep, your deciding power will improve with no chance of veering off of track. That’s why for a responsible and vigilant driver well rest is very much important.

  • Insufficient sleep can cause obesity.

Although seem odd, but it’s real that good sleep helps you in weight loose. Sleep is very much important to keep positive metabolism. It’s a process through which your body exploits energy. Having higher metabolism is one of great ways for weight loose. Some individuals are born with great metabolisms but even these become ineffective when a standard sleep schedule is not sustained.

Beware, if you are not getting enough sleep, slowly your body will unable to sustain the process fat metabolisms. That’s the reason that obesity is common in people who are not getting sufficient sleep.

[Tweet “Sleep deprivation is one of the main causes of obesity.”]It doesn’t matter how much you exercise, because it’ll be useless if you are not giving enough time to your mind and body to shut-down and regulate its functions. If you are not loosing you weight, it may be because you are not getting sufficient sleep.

  • It lessens Diabetes risks.

It’s a prevalent phenomenon that diabetes is genes based disease and will certainly develop at some point in life. Some also considers that it develops due to environmental aspects. Well, whatever causes diabetes it can be prevented by getting enough sleep. Even if it is in your genes, and you are getting sufficient sleep, you may definitely delay this disease as long as you monitor your diet and exercise.

Why? This is because sleep helps in regulation of hormones in your body. Insulin is a hormone, and its lower quantity causes diabetes. If you’ll get enough sleep, your body can keep the pancreas healthy while ensuring that you get enough insulin. On the contrary, if you are facing sleep-deprivation, then every gland of your body, including pancreas, are going to suffer. Rest assure, if your body is not getting much rest it’ll begin to malfunctioning. Once your pancreas started malfunctioning, be ready to suffer from diabetes.

  • Sleep helps in Stress relieve.

You’ll notice that, despite of terrible stress, after a good night’s sleep you feel better. Ever considered why? As apart from regulating hormones and body repairing, sleep helps your brain to overcome things which are making you restless. If you are feeling stress, it means your brain requires more than usual relief. Sleep helps the brain to shut down and prepare for stress. That’s why people stress for long time lean to sleep quickly, because sleep allows the brain to repair itself. It also protects your brain from permanent damage as a consequence of stress. You may think that stress often prevents sleep, but if you have a strong routine of sleep time, then nothing can stop you from sleeping. Once you wake-up you’ll feel that thing worrying you now seeming more controllable thing.

  • Sleep facilitate you in making Better Decisions.

Insufficient sleep leads toward two main changes in your body’s chemical symphony. First, serotonin level decreases in your body, and second your body starts to produce more adrenaline. In this state, your body believes that awaking is important part of your survival and it requires more chemicals discharge. This discharge has big effect on your decision making powers. In this regard serotonin has an influence on you which helps you to determine a situation in a calm and serene manner.

Adrenaline (fight-or-flight) compels you to act rapidly. Instead adrenaline naturally designed to help you to make decisions without thinking much. It may be helpful when your life is in danger, but in a calm situation it’s not good attribute, specifically when your decisions require consideration and thought.

Failure of such leveling influence will make you precipitate and rash which means you are not getting much sleep. So get adequate sleep so that you can make better decisions after proper and thoughtful consideration.

  • Saves your medical Bills.

As discussed above benefits of sleep, there are possibilities that many chronic diseases you are suffering, are due to sleep-deprivation. Sleep deprivation can cause some major destruction in your body. Such destructions if continues for a long time can make it serious, even result in death.

So in order to keep oneself healthy, one must stop spending a lot of money on drugs. You’ll be surprise that how much you can save in term of your medical bill, if you’ll get enough sleep. Diabetes, heart problems, muscles waste, even hair loss can be prevented with full night’s sleep.

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