Human Body has power to cure itself!

Hippocrates (460-370 B.C) believed that Human Body has innate capacity for self-healing, but this theory of self-healing as well as self-healing quality of human body, had been much damaged by Medical Doctors’ approach by substituting it with “A pill for every ill” and the result is that instead of cure one may become sick of infection and side effects of medicine-and to remove those side effects he has to take more medicines and, thereby instead of healing, getting addicted.

Optimum Nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow!

What could be the reason that despite of advance research and invention of cure, we are not only helpless against dangerous diseases but also entangled in more complicated sickness and only rescue-we are aware of-is daily high intake of medicines? Frequently doctors nowadays suggesting use of medicines and not encouraging patients for natural diet, enriched with nutrition. Like Dr. Linus Carl Pauling (1901-1994), [Nobel Laureate in Chemistry & Peace], quoted that “Optimum Nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow”.

First treatment of ‘Scurvy’ was not through medicine..

During 1600-1800 A.D, more than one million sailors of British Navy expired due to Scurvy (deficiency of Vitamin-C), and at that time medical doctors were inquisitive of cure, but through drugs. Interesting fact is that despite of early discovery of its cure i.e. 1535, uptill 1747 scurvy was known as disease, just because medical doctors were adamant and believing this disease as deficiency of Vitamin-C and that its cure already available naturally. This matter is not limited to scurvy but also pellagra (deficiency of Vitamin-B). Similarly, Dr. G. Edward Griffin, held in his book World Without Cancer, argumentatively held that the cancer is nothing but a deficiency of Vitamin B-17 (laetrile).

Is Apricot kernel is dangerous for health?

In May 2016, while medical research at its peak, Food Standards Agency (FSA) U.K, issued warning regarding consumption of apricot kernel by contrast the same as cyanide and cancerous. On the other hand, here in Pakistan, in Hunza (Northern Area of Pakistan) inhabitants have mainly one thing to consume on a large scale in their daily life i.e. apricot, its kernel and oil extracted from apricot kernel. Since ages, they used to eat bread made of dry apricot flour with curry made of dry apricot in the oil extracted from apricot, and in the afternoon everyone used 30 to 50 kernels of apricot as dessert. They never waste apricot kernel, and average life of Hunzakuts is 85 years and there is no cancer patient is reported uptill now.

Consumption of natural vitamins is guarantee of best health!

So the answer of question, how to stop from becoming deficient, is very simple i.e. to supply the body what it requires i.e. Vitamins. Vitamins not actually remove the disease or heal the body but enable the body to heal itself. Every medical doctor will please to warn with side effects of natural vitamins but will never enlighten the dangerous side-effects of drugs.

Most interesting thing is that doctors are opposing the consumption of Vitamins without any cogent evidence, and hilariously rejecting use of vitamins being bad for health, on the basis of assumptions and thereby limiting the use thereof. On the other hand they are promoting drugs, for the reasons best known to them. Drug companies would bankrupt, if people become healthy, which obviously not preferred by Drug Companies, so they want people unhealthy and doctors are helping them indirectly.


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