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KUNG FU TO’A___A game cum need of time…

Kung fu To’a— A martial art game, firstly introduced by Grand Master Ebrahim Mirzaii in 1960s in Iran. This game is result of his deep study of eastern martial art games and oriental philosophy with an aim to introduce entirely new game. It is a mixture of different martial arts including Shaolin Kung Fu. It has a combination of Northern and Southern styles of Shaolin Kung Fu. It’s one of the most sophisticated, effective and advanced forms of martial arts in the world.


Interestingly martial game is very close to natural world. Human being learned a lot from animals e.g. Radar system is inspired from bats and sonar system of Submarine is borrowed from Dolphin. Similarly most of the techniques and moves of this game are originated from animals’ behaviors like fighting, attaching, defending, shouting, hiding, establishing, jumping and leaping.


Kung Fu To’a is a mixture of two words i.e. Kung Fu (Chinese word which means Work Hard/ Difficult moves) & To’a (Mind & Body), collectively, Hard work of mind & body. Unlike Shaolin or other martial arts games, Kung Fu To’a is not only a combat style attacking game, but also it spiritually unlocks mysterious qualities of brain and body which had become dormant and inactive due to civilization we are living nowadays. It expels weakness off the body, raises self-confidence. It teaches peace & friendship and to help and understanding among human beings. It encourages seeking for knowledge and prompts the curiosity. It is against lies and jealousy. A true student of Kung Fu To’a fights addiction and corruption.


Originator of this game i.e. Ebrahim, had an idea behind this great game and symbolize it by drawing Sword holding bird on its badge i.e. Simorgh. In Iran Simorgh was a legendry bird back in 3500 B.C, famous for its mighty, healing, love, wisdom, advising and quickness, which show the basic intention and approach of its originator as well as lesson to its followers.


Unluckily, despite of its renowned acceptance in more than 50 countries, uptill now it has no recognition in Pakistan and many attempts have been made to regularize this outstanding and wonderful martial art game to be a recognized sport in Pakistan Sports, but due to some incompetent and unproductive people, who had no vision, it looks like more time required to be recognized this game as a national game Pakistan.

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