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Learning Surgical Technique: Basic Skills

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This Practical Guide for the development of the surgeon’s hands offers a detailed introduction to basis surgery, together with a series of exercises. It can be used to accompany the early stages of a training in surgery, for reference and practice in later stages, and will also be useful to surgeons with practical experience who want to systematize their knowledge and improve their skills. Starting from initial exercises to develop finger and hand dexterity, the book moves on to detailed explanations of loops, knots and sutures, instructions in the handling of surgical instruments, and an overview of suture materials. The explanations are designed to be simple and clear, and each explanation is accompanied by a diagram. The exercises will foster all of the key hand skills that are essential for work in the operating theatre: accuracy, coordination, confidence, plasticity of movement, strength, endurance, correct hold of surgical instruments, etc. Treated as a course of study with adequate time devoted to the exercises, the book can be worked through in three to four months, assuming 20 to 30 minutes of study and practice each day.


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