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“On Me” Song Lyrics by “Aaron May”

On Me” Song Lyrics

Say, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Paper out get way too crazy sometimes so I step back
Losin’ people may not be a fun time, but it’s not a setback
Thankful for the good and all the fun times, can’t forget that
I’ll be good regardless, but your sunshine I been tryna get that back
Ain’t too much of that to catch across the map
I got feels
That the type of shit my future might attract
I got business going out, it ain’t never coming back
Had to ride around with that strap
Watch my heart and watch my back
Got me thinking ’bout my past decisions
How I turned rags to riches
How I came up and now I’m bragging different
You got me thinking ’bout my bad decisions
How I been actin’ different
If attention paid, I gave you back commission
When I’m on the road, you probably think I’m baggin’ bitches
You ain’t even know, I been thinking ’bout how bad I’m trippin’
Sometimes I get cold, but I ain’t got no bad intentions
Promise Ima hold my own, no one gotta have suspicions
Ima give my all when it’s all on me
Bitch you on the phone, you don’t call on me, baby
It’s been way too long and that’s all on me
Know I did you wrong, put that all on me, baby
If I ever fall then it’s all on me
If I never ball then it falls on me, baby
This ain’t no lil song, just a song on me
I’m acknowledging my wrongs
Let it fall on me, let it fall on me




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