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No doubt, everybody wants a healthy life and healthy look with flat belly. Either it is T.V. talk show, radio program or doctors in clinic, everybody talking and emphasizing on healthy diet. But since last decade it is being stressed by nutritionist and doctors that your waist measurement is one of the most vital pointers of your health in fact.

Nutritionist Dr. Mehmet Oz, a Turkish American television personality and cardio surgeon, emphasized in many of his health related books that, if your waist measurement (in inches) is more than half of your height then you should be worried about stroke, heart disease and type-2 diabetes. In this way waist measurement no more only to be used for clothing but also for your future measurement. In health issues belly fat is most important as it can cause health risks in many ways.

Kinds of Belly Fat

In fact, there are two kinds of belly fat i.e. (1) subcutaneous fat and (2) visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is under your skin which you can see and pinch as it’s just below the skin layer. But visceral fat is the fat which surrounds your vital organs like liver, pancreas and intestines. In the case of excessive visceral abdominal fat, your liver is most vulnerable and commonly affected. Excess subcutaneous fat around the abdomen is usually accompanied by excess visceral fat around the liver. But through good Belly Fat Diet plan you can reduce both fats.

Belly fat can cause Liver damage

Through a study conducted in last decade regarding correlation of high levels of liver fat and obesity, particularly excessive belly fat, it transpired that there is much higher rate of fatty liver in persons having excess belly fat. In several metabolic, lipid disorders and even liver cancer, fatty liver is a leading problem. Researchers categorically investigated that why mostly obese people develop lipid disorders, and it was found that liver fat is strongly associated with much discharge of Very Low Density Lipoproteins (VLDL) containing highest amount of triglycerides. Now such high levels of triglycerides carry highest risk of metabolic abnormalities and increased risk of cardiac arrest and untimely death. That’s why, controlling blood cholesterol and excessive belly fat, is the best treatment for reducing and reversing fatty liver.

Belly fat causes Insulin resistance and Type-2 diabetes

Every time you eat your food, especially carbohydrates, is shattered down into glucose and it can be used to boost every cell in your body. But in order to consume this glucose, it requires the help of insulin so that it may be used instead of storing as fat. Now insulin is a hormone which is made by pancreas, and it is the job of insulin to serve as a key which unlocks your body’s cells so that glucose enter into cells and be used by them as energy. Fat cells, mainly abdominal fat cells, diminish and reduce the sensitivity to insulin and obstruct the glucose to pass through cell walls. Due to this, glucose cannot enter the cells, so it remains in bloodstream building high blood sugar. The pancreas by extra struggle responds thereby producing and releasing more insulin. This cycle repeats and grows by the time become worse, and this is what leads to metabolic disease and type-2 diabetes.

Gravely raises the Risks of Heart Stroke

Belly fat is so close to liver, and mostly accompanied by excess fat directly adjoining the liver, it enhances fabrication of Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol, which no one wants to get increased. This cholesterol eventually becomes a waxy stuff known as plaque, which sticks to artery walls and eventually causes swelling and narrowing the blood vessels. This narrowing of arteries not only increases blood pressure, which seriously burdened the heart, but also increases your chance of blood clots ultimately causing stroke.

Increased Risk of Dementia

In absence of controlled diet, excessive belly fat has direct association with increased risks of dementia and lunacy. Due to fat there would be inflammation in the artery walls, consequently decreasing proper blood flow to the brain. Study shows that excess belly fat can increase your risks of developing dementia by as much as 145%.

With all of the serious health risks relating to belly fat, it’s not difficult to understand that excess belly fat is the first step of every dangerous disease which could cause premature death and to remove such fat should be a very high priority. Fortunately, while we have lots of terrifying tests that shows the risks of belly fat, we also have all of the new study that shows us how easily, quickly and permanently get rid of excessive belly fat. And to do this you should not consult your pharmacists but your nutritionist. Healthy and controlled diet is the guarantee of healthy body. As quoted by Dr. Mehmet Oz that ‘True health care reform cannot happen in Washington. It has to happen in our kitchens, in our homes, in our communities. All health care is personal.

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