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Countries with plenty of resources especially developing countries, are facing miseries in form of violation of human rights, lack of economical stability, illegal eviction of inhabitants from their houses, clashes of communities on the basis of ethnicity or religion etc.. More or less, ROHINGYA is also facing the same crisis, without any help/ support from any country.

Even China is not taking any positive step regarding miseries of Rohingyas. On the other hand Russia, also backing China’s interests, blocked a United Nation Security Council draft resolution on Rohingyas. Not only this, even, two years back, in a closed-door meeting at Security Council , China even differing helpful engagement of United Nation in Myanmar.

One of the reasons behind this silence is project of “One Belt, One Road”, while through this project China securing military base in deep-sea port in Rakhine, to keep oil and gas pipelines running through Rakhine to China. Due to lack of transparency, project is facing agitation from residents and activists, therefore such miseries are favoring them by elimination of one ethnic group. On the other hand Buddhist community does not want to share upcoming economic benefits with Muslims.

Including copper mining project, overall China had an investment of US$ 18.5 Billion in Myanmar, and India had an investment of US$ 2 Billion as she is also constructing a road from Mizoram to Sittwe of Myanmar and planning more infrastructure projects in order to balance influence in Southeast Asia. Apart from these India also planning to deport 40,000 Rohingya refugees.

Pakistan also has strong ties with China with common interests in China Pakistan Economic Corridor, therefore uptill now Pakistan remained silent on inhuman activates and atrocities being committed in Rohingya, probably to save China’s interest in Rohingya.

Why most of the developing country, rich with resources, has no stable or democratic government, especially when her neighbors are strong in power with strong armed army? Apart from this, it has been observed that in such countries, state army or autocracy remained in power without any due representation of nation. Even if country is stable and afterwards she discovered some resources like oil, gas or minerals, even then she is under grave threat of intrusion, either inside i.e. rebels, army etc. or outside from lusty and forceful neighbors.

Abundance in resources, which presumed to be blessings for a country, became a misery and threat towards residents of Rakhine State.

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