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ROHINGYAS under genocidal attack by Buddha’s Islam-phobic followers

Following killings of innocent and unarmed women and children, Myanmar government pictured it “an effort to eliminate terrorism”. Deceitfully, Aung San Suu Kyi alleging that international media is spreading false news regarding violence and current situation in Rohingyas and on the other hand she is not giving access towards persecuted civilians of Rohingyas. Her statements and attitude, clearly depicts that she is not only ethnically obsessed, but also anti-Muslim, as she remained notoriously famous for anti-Muslim statement in 2013, when BBC Today Anchor, Mishal Hussain interviewed her and asked her whether she had any idea of hardship faced by Muslims. Answering the question, she not only behaved violently but also after interview she disrespectfully said “No one told me that I was to be interviewed by a Muslim”.


In another statement Suu Kyi depicted that Ethnic group are burning their own homes to ground just to make situation worse and blaming government. Surprisingly, no one asked, this Nobel Laureate, why the people who already living hand to mouth, would burn their houses, just to blame tyrant government. UNHCR had evidence and recorded clips regarding killings of Muslim families and footages in which Junta as well as Official Police alongwith Buddhist monks burning homes of Muslim minority.

Suu Kyi should realize that such state sponsored ethnic cleansing, is not only threat to Muslims of Myanmar but also towards Buddhist minority (in Islamic States) who are peacefully living around the world in more than 170 countries constituting 8% to 9% of world population. Recently on 7th September, 2017 she made a statement that Rohingya issue is similar to that of Kashmir issue, adamantly portraying massacre as one of the political issues. She just dared to, because of such politicians who diplomatically not interested to resolve such issues.

I am so much confused that, why neighboring & other Muslim states (particularly Arab Countries i.e. So-called leaders of Muslim World) are not raising their voices against this bloodbath. One of the disappointing factor is that, despite of Israel arms provision to Junta, Myanmar Armed Forces, King Salman of Saudi Arabia in March 2015, provide eighty million dollars to support Benjamin Netanyahu’s Election Campaign, which shows that Muslim States are, one way or the other, are involved in this ethnic atrocity.

Muslims of Rohingya are being killed on petty issues since 1942 when Thakin leaders murdered Muslim men, women and children and looted their houses, and situation is worse now. State Constitution of Myanmar, 2008, declined the nationality of Rohingya and declared them illegal immigrants, which further provoked Buddhist to riot against Muslims. There are no rights for them instead they are living worse than any living creature on earth. Not only this, following Aung San Suu Kyi’s statement in 2013 against Muslim Anchor in a Talk Show, situation become worst and since then much more Muslims had been slay by Buddhist Monks under the leadership of Buddhist monk, Ashin Wirathu, and Ma Ba Tha (Organization for protection of Race & Religion), vicious and ruthless Organization led by radical and fundamentalist monks. Currently, Rohingya burning under direct leadership of Ashin Wirathu and Ma Ba Tha with the help Myanmar government.


In 1991, when these illegal immigrants were granted white cards to vote with some rights, these radical and extremist monks harshly protested and resultantly these white cards were rescinded, so they could not participate in General Elections of 2015. These fundamentalist monks are Islam-phobic and frightened with any Muslim representation in Myanmar’s Parliament.

Apathy and cold bloodedness is not limited to Myanmar Govt. but also extended towards neighboring Muslim country i.e. Bangladesh, whose Prime Minister Hasine Wajid stated that this is internal affair of Myanmar Govt. and she could not help those Muslims due to lack of resources and pushing Myanmar Govt. to take back refugees.

Not only Myanmar, but every country particularly Muslim countries are responsible for this annihilation and ethnic cleansing, by keeping silence.

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