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Six Mind boggling reveals about belly fat

Every time you seek emancipation from excess belly fat, you’ll be advised for controlled diet, tiresome exercises and sometimes medicines assuring you that you’ll have result so soon. Well, thanks to truthful doctors and nutritionist who discovered that all these ideas are less useful and much dangerous. Everything we learned and though about belly fat were wrong. Your gym trainer and nutritionist considered it as scientific fact that, only way to lose belly fat is to stick to a very low-calorie, low-fat diet and spend time on tiring and laborious exercise and abdominal workouts at least one hour a day, and as long as you stick with plan, you look smart.

  1. Your fate is not attached with belly fat

A routine workout, especially with a goal to reduce excess belly fat alongwith brutally controlled diet, led you a great deal of annoyance. This is the reason many people thought that they are genetically liable to have more belly fat and are hopeless to shape their body. As what they are doing wasn’t working. But, hey, it’s not in your gene? You should thanks to recent researches which offer a great hope to people who had quit trying to lose their belly fat. Studies in this regard are much more encouraging and find out that there is cure of excess belly fat, but in a different way and thought.

2. Low calorie diets actually increases fat

In a documentary film named ‘Fed up’ (2014), Stephanie Soechtig (Filmmaker) and Katie Couric (Journalist) investigate how food industry is responsible for more sickness. It shows that in order to satisfy general public, ruthless multinational food companies introduced low calories food e.g. diet coke, diet bread, diet milk etc. to avoid you from unnecessary fat. Unfortunately they have successfully convinced general public that to lose fat, your daily intake of calories should be limited and here it come low calories diets.

Everybody tries his level best to figure out that how many calories he should take as per his age, height and activity level, and in this way he tries to cut some calories through low calorie diets. But astonishingly, although diet product is another shape of calorie intake, rather much dangerous, even cutting calories does not address losing fat. I tried this routine for about four months, but fat lose was temporary and as soon as I came back to routine diet, it bounced back and I gained even more weight and started another low-calorie diet.

In other words, low-calorie diet instead of weight lose, just result the opposite, especially when it comes to belly fat. Human body in daily work routine demand a particular amount of calories, and as much as you should not only refrain from taking more calories but also refrain from cutting too low, and take enough calories for your body function efficiently.

3. Diet fats are not harmful

In a diet plan to lose belly fat, everybody is advised to take low-calorie and low-fat diets. Implicitly all fats are considered bad and you have to follow the rule i.e. if you want to reduce fat from your body, you should reduce it in your daily diet too. But the question is that our body organs including liver and kidney are covered with some fats and interestingly they would malfunction if fat around these organs reduced at risky level. Fat is necessary nutrient to our bodies and without enough required fat we are unable to do our daily work efficiently.

Fat enhances the savor of our food. It is also a source to transport required vitamins and minerals. Not only this, but also food gives a feeling of satisfaction which can control passion of overeating.

4. Good fats and bad fat

So every fat cannot be treated equally and there are some good fats and bad fats. Fats which are found in processed foods and hydrogenated oils are Not good fats. Similarly foods enriched with fats like beef meat and butter, are required to intake at healthy level. Fats of avocado, canola oil and olive oil, consisting Omega-3 fats are literally good fats which also alternatively can be found in nuts, fish and seeds. So if you want to flat your belly you should not cut down intake of all fats, but limit it only to the extent of bad fats, as healthy fats improve our heart health and brain function, and interestingly helps you to lose belly fat.


5. Burning plenty of calories in your body no more helpful to reduce fat

You may note that in every automatic exercise machine especially treadmill, there is a calculator which shows at how much you are losing calories. Earlier, even till now mostly doctors and gym trainer emphasized the mantra ‘burn your calories’, and again, the reason behind this the idea is that as much as you lose calories, you’ll lose fat. Now, this approach may be helpful to lose weight, but not helpful to lose belly fat. I’ve experienced this thing in last two years, that I may lose my weight but not my waist, therefore like everybody else I tried was inclined that I couldn’t lose belly fat, until Dr. Mehmet Oz explore the techniques and facts regarding lose of belly fat.

6. Belly Fat is not in your gene and can be reduced

Our genes may decide whether we have wide shoulders or a long torso, whether we tend to store fat on our thighs or on our hips, but by no stretch of imagination it means that we’ll have flat abs or not. Anyone can have a slim waist and six-packs abs. May be it required some hard work but still you can achieve it. By changing life style and making some very pleasant and even simple diet changes we can finally transform our bodies into toned, lean and fat-burning devices, without having to live the life of an athlete or eating the diet with sparrow stomach.

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