“Story of My Life” Song by Jennifer Lopez

Story Of My Life

Your relation to me

Feeds my empty existence

I guess I choose what to see

Because I’m feeling resistance

So turn the lights on below

The time we have is too precious

You say that you’ll never go

I know that lying is infectious now

So don’t let me down


I’m breaking my own rules today, ohh

I know that I should walk away, ohh

I’m falling again for someone who doesn’t feel alright

That’s the story of my life

I thought you were ready to be

The start of my happy ending

Sometimes I choose what to see

Forget what I’ve been defending

Before the day fades to day

There comes a break in the weather

I made you say goodbye

Because I can’t say forever, now

So don’t let me down, no


One in a million

But if you are ready to listen

I know that I can be stubborn

Maybe it’s me but I’ve been too blind to see.


Keep walking, I keep walking [x3]

That’s the story of my life


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