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Synopsis of Neurology, Psychiatry and Related Systemic Disorders

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Symptoms and signs in neurology and psychiatry typically present in the clinical context of other underlying conditions. When evaluating a patient, a physician may choose to review a diverse list of potential underlying diagnoses with the aid of the editor team’s existing text: Neurological Differential Diagnosis: A Case-Based Approach. However, if the patient has a known pre-existing condition, the physician will need to consider a reverse approach – considering what complications of that condition may be associated with current symptoms. This book provides quick-reference, comprehensive, concise summaries of neurologic, psychiatric and medical diagnoses with a focus on neurologic and psychiatric implications of systemic disorders. A separate pharmacology section provides a consolidated review of potential neurologic and psychiatric adverse effects of medications. This book is an invaluable resource for a broad medical audience, from the medical student to the experienced consultant.


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