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🏤😱🏫 Benami Property Law kya hai? Benami Transaction! Benami transaction prohibition Act, 2017 permit

Moeen Ahmed
What is Benami Transaction? What is Benami Property? Who is Benamidar? What are ingredients to prove Benami transactions? Whether Benami transaction is completely prohibited under...
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👀🚨🔺 Suit for jactitation of marriage II تکذیب نکاح کیا ہے؟ کون دعوی کر سکتا؟ دعوی نہ کرنے کا نتیجہ؟

Moeen Ahmed
In this video i will discuss different scenarios of suit for jactitation of marriage or تکذیب نکاح, explain the law about jactitation of marriage in...
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🤔 🎁 In Pakistan, What is Gift (Hibba) and its essential elements. Things which make gift (hibba) invalid in Pakistan.

Supreme Court of Pakistan has observed some essential elements for valid gift. This video is based upon a judgment passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court...