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The ECT Handbook

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The fourth edition of this popular Handbook provides the latest guidance on prescribing and administering electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Leading researchers and practitioners review new research on ECT and related treatments, including their efficacy in children and adolescents, and in those with bipolar disorder and neurological conditions. With a focus on safe provision and minimisation of side effects, it provides the reader with practical, evidence-based advice. The book has been substantially revised: references have been updated throughout; related treatment modalities such as rTMS, tCDS and ketamine are covered in greater depth; and current administrative and legal framework guidelines are clearly outlined. An essential reference manual for consultant and trainee clinical psychiatrists, as well as ECT practitioners. This guide will benefit clinical teams looking after complex cases of depression, as well as those involved in the care of other people for whom ECT may be recommended.

An up-to-date fourth edition, providing contemporary research summaries and clinical advice on ECT
Includes new chapters on ECT in childhood and adolescents and the puerperium, as well as on ketamine and rTMS
Provides readers with specialist information relating to complex cases within their discipline


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