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What to know about a headache on the left side

There are various causes of a headache on the left side. Understanding the possible causes and their treatments may help a person manage the pain and know when to seek professional care.
Around 50% of adults worldwide have a headache disorder. Some headaches are minor and resolve with home treatment, but some are more severe and need medical care.
If a headache occurs with blurred vision, nausea, or any other symptom that causes concern, seek medical attention. If a person has a sudden, severe headache and weakness on one side of the body or confusion, they need emergency care.
This article explores the symptoms, causes, and treatments for headaches on the left side. It also provides more information about when to see a doctor.

Types overview

Several kinds of headaches can cause pain on the left side, including migraine and cluster headaches. We describe these in detail below.

Generally, doctors classify headaches as “primary” or “secondary.” For a person with a primary headache, the pain is the main symptom. A secondary headache results from another health issue, such as:

  • a brain tumor
  • a stroke
  • an infection

The headaches that result can occur in any location, including the left side.

There are many types and causes of headaches. Learn about 11 of them here.

Migraine Headaches

Migraine can cause a moderate to severe headache on the left side. The condition affects 12%Trusted Source of people in the United States, including 17% of women and 6% of men.
A migraine headache may throb and be worse on one side. The pain may begin around the eye or temple, then spread across the head.
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