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What to know about mental health conditions and the Latinx community

People within Latinx communities in the United States may experience challenges with their mental health. They may be at risk of negative mental health outcomes due to encountering stigma, healthcare barriers, and disparities.
The term Latinx typically refers to people of Latin American cultural or ethnic identity. The Latinx community in the U.S. is very diverse and comprises roughly 60.5 million people, or 18.5% of the population.
For those in this community, mental health is often a stigmatized topic. Additionally, they may face many unique barriers that can affect access to healthcare services, all of which can be detrimental to their mental health.
In this article, we will discuss notable mental health conditions that are prevalent in the Latinx community.

Latinx mental health statistics

Evidence suggests that more than 16%, or approximately 10 million people, in the U.S. Latinx community report having a mental health condition. Research also indicates that serious mental health conditions among the Hispanic population are increasing.

Despite this increase, many people within the Latinx community do not receive treatment, largely due to disparities in both the access and quality of treatment.

Compared with the U.S. average of 45%, around 34% of Latinx adults with a mental health condition receive treatments. Latinx people are less likely to obtain treatment due to obstacles such as:

  • language barriers
  • poverty
  • stigma

This inequity puts Latinx communities at further risk, as mental health conditions often worsen without treatment.

Why is there stigma in this community?

Mental health stigma can negatively influenceTrusted Source how people perceive and treat mental health conditions. This may be particularly true in Latin American communities, as research indicates they may hold prejudices toward those with mental health conditions.
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